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Da Capo Tryptic


Pencil, 2013


8 x 8”


Art 102 Foundations Two-Dimensional Media 



Memories and imagination are powerful tools for an artist that seeks originality and uniqueness. In this piece, I capture the gesture of a double-bassist’s hand when a musical piece would reach Da Capo—a composer’s direction to repeat the musical piece from the start—from memory. The connection between the natural world and the handmade instrument also has a dual meaning: the sacrifice of a tree (representing time) gives birth to a musical instrument and a musicians’ dream in the form of a melody.


This piece was gifted to my brother, a professional double-bassist. 



Pencil, 2013


19 x 24”


Art 102 Foundations Two-Dimensional Media



When the artist’s brain is trained to see nothing more than patterns of light, darkness, and color, the artist stops looking at the subject matter in a literal manner. Often times, clear and transparent objects hold the most light and dark contrast. Paradoxically, because of this contrast, these objects also hold the most details and patterns.


In order to create an illusion of transparency and reflection, C depicts an interaction among value, light, and shadow in four ice cubes surrounding a letter C. As the ice cubes melt, I use primary highlights to allow the viewer to see the smooth and transparent surface of the water. 

Mystical Horse

Pencil, 2014


48 x 24''


Art 233 Advance Two-Dimensional Studio



Movement breathes life into a piece of artwork. As we use static lines in a two-dimensional plane, to create motion in artwork implies intentionality.


Mystical Horse conveys the illusion of movement by focusing on the horse's body motion as a whole rather than its individual parts. The horse is also portrayed in a position that juxtaposes the subject in a manner that cannot be replicated by a static pose. When thinking about a horse in this position, we know that it is in a state of motion, hence creating an illusion of physical movement in the artwork.





Pencil, 2013


Art 102 Foundations Two-Dimensional Media


19 x 24''


Self-portrait is a simple yet meaningful drawing that focuses on texture and graduated tones to portray a flawless self.


From a colored photograph, this piece highlights the facial and body features that stand out when facing the light while also exploring the translucency of the subject's hat.   


Live Model Drawing


Pencil, 2013


Art 102 Foundations Two-Dimensional Media


4 x 4''


A drawing that encompasses the ability to translate a three-dimensional reality to a two-dimensional representation.



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