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Red Riding Hood Forest


Paper and Ink, 2014


19 x 24”


Art 102 Foundations Two-Dimensional Media 


Paper is a great material for hands-on exploration. Red Riding Hood Forest features the art of paper cutting to create spatial relationships, texture, and intricate details. 



Ink pen, 2015


5 x 25”


Art 233 Two-Dimensional Advanced Drawing 

Through the art of doodling, the artist can unlock the unconscious mind and unleash creative innovation. Doodles allow intuition and emotion to be released in a way that linear processions of words and symbols, or a composition of lines in a drawing, cannot. 


Although less technical, this piece is by far the one with the greatest meaning in this portfolio. In approximately 25 inches of paper, Impulse depicts my unconscious without judgment. Between blank stares and mind trances, elements in the surroundings are filtered, and my hands impulsively record those that resonate with my identity. The final result is an abstract reality where scale is subject to my subconscious, and objects and ideas connect in a tangled, yet harmonious, way. 

Melodic Shapes

Paper, 2014


19 x 24 ”


Art 102 Foundations Two-Dimensional Media


As a violinist, I find it imperative to look for harmony and movement in all my artwork. Melodic Shapes uses the properties of paper to create a sense of movement and musicality to lines and geometric figures. 


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