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Jeannyffer is a Guatemalan graduate-level training architect based in the UK.

Jeannyffer Campos has a unique architecture background, holding a bachelor in arts and being a former classically trained violinist. Her deep understanding of art and music as languages supports her approach to designing thought-provoking spaces. Interweaving her artistic education with her musical upbringing, she uses common qualities as expressive languages such as harmony, rhythm, and intentional dynamics as tools to evoke feelings and emotions. Carefully paying attention to the visual impact of her designs, and through the complex interconnection of material, light, shadow, and scale, she finds her way as an architect who creates not only dwellings but habitable artworks, sculpting an experience.

Some of her skills include 3D modelling and 2D computer software, physical model making, woodwork, bronze casting, metalwork, drafting and drawing, and sustainable principles. Through her teaching experience, Campos has also acquired knowledge in the arts, language, and music teaching techniques for K-5 to college students. With an art background, she enjoys exploring mediums such as pencil, ink, charcoal, metal sculpture, and bronze casting.

Awards and Achievements

YAC Academy and Klimahouse Wood Architecture Academy, 2024

AAUW International Fellowship, 2019

C. Harold Wirum Scholarship, 2018
Marga Rose Hancock Scholarship, 2018

“Más Allá del Deber,” 2017
By the Major of Guatemala Alvaro Arzú 
Leadership in design initiatives

CGI U Scholarship 2016 

Davis UWC Scholarship, 2012
UWC Scholarship, 2010

Violinist at Maine University Cultural Exchange, 2009

Violinist National selected for JOCCA Orchestra, Panama, 2009

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