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The Music Lesson


Bronze and wood, 2015


3 x 10 x 1”

Art 223 Sculpture - Metal Casting


Surrealistic art allows the artist to combine the illogical, creating unique subjective relationships and evaluating the function of objects in our everyday life. The Music Lesson is a surrealistic sculpture that fuses two very distinct objects: a hammer and a violin. As a musician, combining the scroll of the violin with a working tool recognizable from my dad’s workshop specifically allows me to create a lucid and laconic meaning: the hard and persistent work of a musician’s dream. 

At the Gate


Wood, metal, and paper, 2015


3 x 7 x 5”


Art 103 Foundations Three-Dimensional Media 

At the Gate features a meticulous crafting process, giving a new life to an outdated encyclopedia and a defunct iron.

With a pre-existing structure and a

multi-layered nature, these objects provide me with a unique medium. The pages of the encyclopedia are dissected to create an empty space to place the core piece of the antique iron. The delicate pages of the encyclopedia surround the iron, giving the inanimate objects an illusion of interaction and a new artistic purpose.

Sin Tea


Bronze, 2015


3 x 3 x 3”


Art 223 Sculpture - Metal Casting



Traditionally in China and Japan, sipping tea can be considered an opportunity to meditate and contemplate the surroundings. While holding a cup of tea and drinking it can offer a time of release from stress, holding a cup that weighs a few pounds in bronze, paradoxically, does not. In this vein, I use bronze to allude to the weight of a suppositional conversation between Adam and Eve after the original sin mentioned in the Bible. This piece is open to the viewers’ imagination and gives them the opportunity to envision a whimsical and unreal interaction between both subjects.

Legacy of Wisdom


Bronze, 2016


20 x 50 x 40”


Art 343 Senior Studies



When it comes to casting bronze, the process dictates the quality of results. From the toes to the skull, Legacy of Wisdom arose after a meticulous wax chasing process as an artistic representation of my Senior Capstone Project Design Inspired by Nature .

Legacy of Wisdom embodies two of my main inspirations—the natural world and architecture—and alludes to a main concern of mine: our ways of enduring on earth. I use the turtle shell as an architectural expression of endurance, remaining anatomically nearly identical for millions of years. Similarly, through the long-lasting properties of bronze, the turtle skeleton implies the organism’s superb ability at coping with its environment.

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