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Uno Shelter


Pencil, 2015


10 x 14”


Art 225 Architectural Drawing and Design I



Uno Shelter is my first original architectural design. It is a 23 x 26 feet contemporary dwelling that offers a comfortable space and the necessary amenities for one occupant. The living space is shaped to provide an open space for movement flow. The entire shelter is enclosed mostly by wood and bamboo—an attractive material with a short growing cycle. In addition, the back and front facade are partially covered with glass, which enables light to penetrate. Represented in all elevations, the asymmetrical roof design intends to allow the greatest amount of natural sunlight into the dwelling. 

Uno Shelter Front Elevation

Uno Shelter Right Elevation

Uno Shelter Left Elevation

Uno Shelter Back Elevation

Uno Shelter Cross section (refer to floor plan)

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