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St. Olaf Gathering Place


Architectural Design, 2014


144 x 144’


Art 225 Architectural Drawing and Design I



As main events at St. Olaf College are held at the Skoglund Sports Center, the St. Olaf Gathering Place is a proposal for an elegant yet simple structure to provide an ideal space for special events, assemblies, lectures, concerts, and performances.

The proposed structure gives a sense of greatness through its shape and scale, and elegance through its simplicity and symmetrical form. The doors are large in size to allow flow movement and they face towards the parking lot between St. Olaf’s Ditmmann (Art) Center and Boe Chapel, making the building visible and welcoming to visitors. The inside area surrounding the gathering center is ample in space to allow social interactions and a comfortable movement flow, and also features a gallery space in the empty wooden walls. Two lounges in the corners and restrooms also provide visitors with the necessary amenities. The building exterior is cover in faux stone to blend with St. Olaf’s structures, and the windows and a partial glass roof in the gathering center provide a great amount of sunlight and a unique sky view. 

Ditmmann Center

Boe Chapel

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