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Camera Obscura 2 tunnel render.jpg

Jeannyffer Campos began her career in architecture obtaining a Bachelor's in Pre-Architecture and Sustainability and Studio Art at St. Olaf College, US in 2016 after culminating an International Baccalaureate Diploma at United World College of South East Asia in Singapore. She continued her master's in Architecture degree at the University of Washington, from which she transferred to Falmouth University in Cornwall, UK.

Her identity as a training architect has been shaped by her unique upbringing amid the indigenous biomorphic patterns and the asymmetric urban fabric of her home country, Guatemala. Her work is informed by architectural regionalism and aspires to reflect the communities she serves, to tell the story of their people. Frampton's work is relevant to her practice in that she addresses the fundamental opposition between the tectonic and the scenographic and engages in a place-conscious design.

Outside of architecture, she is a classically trained violinist. Her deep understanding of music as an expressive language has led her to see architecture as such and scrutinize its ability to evoke feelings and emotions through similar means such as harmony, rhythm, and dynamics. 
She has played in concert halls such as Guatemala's National Theatre, Singapore's Esplanade, and Panama's National Theatre, among others. Currently, Jeannyffer is the violinist of Proyecto Tololoche, a Doublebass and violin duo that explores the improvisation of music incorporating Mesoamerican Mayan Instruments. 

Her skills include, but are not limited to, 3D modelling and 2D computer software, physical model making and metalwork, drafting and drawing, and sustainable principles. Through her teaching experience, she has acquired knowledge in the arts, language, and music teaching techniques for K-5 to college students. As an artist, she enjoys exploring mediums such as pencil, ink, charcoal, metal sculpture, and bronze casting.

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