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I am an artist, designer, dancer, and musician.


My identity and inquiry as a training architect have been shaped by my unique upbringing in rural Guatemala, in the closeness to traditional elements such as the trajes típicos (traditional indigenous clothing) with textiles full of texture, patterns, and colors and amidst the forested and mountainous landscape of a village of corrugated metal sheds. Through this notion of culture, nature, and place, I grew up attuned to a rich vocabulary of biomorphic forms—in both nature and textile pattern motifs—as well as exposed to an asymmetric urban fabric. The vernacular introduced me to a catalog of raw materials found in unconventional dwellings, from which I draw my inspiration.

As an alumni of United World College of South East Asia with an International Baccalaureate Diploma, I began my career in architecture obtaining a Bachelor's in Pre-Architecture and Sustainability and Studio Art at St. Olaf College in 2016. I then continued my Masters in Architecture degree at the University of Washington, currently having completed half of my post-graduate education. During my Master's degree, I had the opportunity to intern for NBBJ Design, in Seattle HQ.

All-encompassing, I pride myself on being able to design with a tune environmental and cultural awareness, as I continue to be exposed to diverse environments. My individual practice focuses thus on innovative and sustainable solutions to develop eco-cultural sound architectural designs. I have become a passionate research professional with a demonstrated interest in biomimetic and parametric principles, using these strategies in my continuous effort to augment the relationship between the built and natural environment.

Outside of architecture, I am a trained violinist and have played in concert halls such as Guatemala National Theater, Singapore´s Esplanade, Panama National Theater, among other venues. I am the violinist of Projecto Tololoche, a Doublebass and violin duo that explore the improvisation of music using Mesoamerican Mayan Instruments.


I  am also a Latin dancer and enjoy long-distance running.


I am skilled in 3D modeling and 2D computer software, physical model making and metalwork, drafting and drawing, and sustainable principles. Through my teaching experience, I have acquired knowledge in the arts, language, and music teaching techniques for K-5 to college students. As an artist, I explore different mediums such as pencil, ink, charcoal, metal sculpture, and bronze casting.

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